Special Needs

Throughout the Charlotte, NC area, there are children who need extra care when they visit the dentist’s office. These children may include those who require additional consideration for medical, developmental, physical, or cognitive conditions. At SouthPark Pediatric Dentistry, our doctors have received specialized training to help children with these special concerns. It is their passion to meet the needs of these special patients while working within the limitations of their conditions. They will work with you to form a customized plan of action that will address the dental needs of your child in a smooth and comfortable manner.

Special need’s children deserve care from a competent team member who is aware of the constraints of each individual child. This requires very individualized service and a medical team who is dedicated to details. It is our mission to find out what works the best for your child. To make your child feel safe and secure during every single visit, we will seek to build a relationship with your child that will enable us to give them the great dental care that they need.

While your child may be facing a life with special needs, your child deserves the opportunity for quality dental care. This includes necessary exams, x-rays and cleanings. They also deserve to have a vibrant, beautiful smile. We know that you are willing to put forth the extra love for them to enjoy life to its fullest. Our team members are also willing to spend the extra time and devote the extra care so that your child will have the best dental care available.

If you live in the Charlotte, NC area and are looking for a dentist for your child, call us today! We are privileged to team up with you and help keep your child smiling brightly!

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