Conscious Sedation

The use of sedation dentistry can virtually eliminate the fear and anxiety that your child might have towards going to the dentist. This opens up the door for patients to receive the necessary care they need in order to achieve all of their smile goals.

At SouthPark Pediatric Dentistry, we seek to provide options with sedation dentistry in order to meet the specific needs of your children and whatever fears they may have. By way of sedation dentistry, relaxing medications can be administered that allow your child to relax and get through their dental procedures comfortably. We are trained to help you choose the most appropriate option for your child and to help them become one of the tens of thousands of dental patients who have discovered much appreciated relief from their anxieties and fears towards the dentist’s office.

What is Conscious Sedation?

One form of sedation dentistry is conscious sedation. With this method, your dentist will administer an oral sedative to your child shortly before the scheduled dental procedure. The child will begin to feel “drowsy” almost immediately, and they will settle into a relaxed state. Once the administered sedative has produced maximum effectiveness, the dentist will be able to carry out the planned treatment.

The Benefits

There are several clear benefits from this level of sedation dentistry. The most obvious is that your child will remain completely relaxed throughout the procedure. However, they will be able to communicate with the dental team at all times as necessary. The staff is trained to monitor your child’s vital signs throughout the procedure and ensure your child’s safety and health. Another benefit of conscious sedation is that the relaxed state of your child allows the dentist to perform multiple procedures in the same appointment. This can be very helpful in avoiding multiple office visits. When the treatment is complete, your child will have virtually no memory of the appointment and the procedure. Your child will be able to return to a normal day of activity by the evening.

If you live in the Charlotte, NC area and would like more information on conscious sedation, don’t hesitate to contact our office!

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